Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Getting back on track

Good morning.

It's not quite the new year, but I'm ready to get back a routine of watching what I eat and exercising. Over the summer I was walking my dog everyday, but once the cooler weather set in, the walks stopped. Today we are going to start walking again. Our neighborhood is hilly, so it's a great little workout for me. AND hubby bought me the new Wii Fit PLUS so I'm excited about it because I can do pre-set workouts!

Another important part to losing weight is tracking the food I eat. I went back to my SparkPeople account and entered my consumption yesterday. Over 2400 calories. That's WAY to many, especially with no exercize. We had a big breakfast and ate out for lunch and dinner. Very bad but is not part of my regular routine.

In addition to tracking on SparkPeople, I'm going to return to blogging, revealing my weight, weight goals, and what I've done to reach my goals.

I didn't weigh myself today but yesterday I weighed in at 137.5.
Todays goals: Drink lots of water; 30 minutes of exercise.

I hope to have a good report tomorrow!