Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why wait until tomorrow...

When I decided to start my weight loss program of tracking my calorie/carbs/protein intake, my husband said why not wait until after the New Year? I said why put off what I can start today? I never understood the concept of waiting to start reaching for your goals.

And so I share my results!
Weight: 136.5
Previous weight: 137.5
Yesterday's calories: 1300
(a big improvement over the previous day's 2400!)
Yesterdays exercise: 15 minute walk with the dog.

You may think that 15 minute's exercise is not much. But to go from ZERO to 15-30 minutes per day is attainable for me, whether it's walking the dog or getting on my Wii Fit.

Today's off to a good start. Walked the dog for 25 minutes and had a good brunch. (I slept in late.)