Friday, May 14, 2010

Weight: 138.5


  • Coffee w/ organic cane sugar, no creamer
  • Brown rice w/ butter (I haven't bought a replacement yet) sea salt and sesame seeds.
  • Celery stalk w/ seasoned sea salt
  • Open face tuna on multi-grain thin bun and a few pretzels. (onions and celery in the olive oil tuna, made with olive 0il mayo.

To Do:

  • Take orders to Post Office
  • Wii Fit


  • Wii Fit.
  • Laundry started.
  • Took orders to Post Office.
Items sold: 5

Ramblings: It's Friday and the sun is finally out! Should be a beautiful day.

Yesterday I got a book that I'd ordered, The Kind Diet. I saw Alicia Silverstone on a talk show several months ago discussing her book and how she eats. She talked about the changes to her body after going vegan. She lost weight, her skin cleared up, her digestive system worked properly. I've always tried to eat healthy but always feel like I need to lose weight. My skin looks the worst it's ever looked.

So I'm going to make some changes in how I eat. One change is that I'm cutting out dairy. No more milk, half & half, butter, sour cream, cottage cheese. I'll find the non-dairy substitutes. (I get more calcium from the raw almonds that I snack on than from milk.) Whole grain breads, pastas. More beans and veggies. Better sugar. This morning I'm still having my coffee (I should be drinking green or black tea) but no cream, only the Organic cane sugar we use. We already use some of the things in this book... sea salt, cane sugar, whole grains, olive oil... but I want to do more, I want my body to work and look the way it should.

On another note, we went to Game Stop to see if they had any used Wii Fit Plus. They did not, but we did find BandHero. 75 new and awesome songs for our GuitarHero WorldTour! Speaking of Wii Fit...



Catherine said...

No cheese?! I'll just keep my pimples, I guess. ;)

But seriously, if you end up loving this way of eating, I might give it a try.

Catherine Jayne said...

I think I'll sneak a little here and there, but make other choices for toppings and snacks.

We'll see how it goes. It may sound crazy, but I feel good today and the only change I've made is that I had a big healthy (no cheese or creamy dressing) salad for dinner and no cream in my coffee this morning.

Shirley Woodard Polk | Wild Blueberry Ink said...

I will be honest with you when I went vegetarian it changed my life. I did lose weight -even eating more pasta. It makes you give up the quick fast food which is basically what makes us fat!

Vegan is hard I tried it and with a 2 year old I can't quite grasp the lifestyle.

Good Luck!