Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, May 4

Weight: 140.5


  • Coffee
  • Loaded hash browns from Big Boy
  • Cappuccino
  • Packaged sushi, tuna, tabouli
  • Nachos

To Do:

  • Package orders
  • Go to hospital for G-pa sugery


  • All the above.
Items sold: 9

Ramblings: I did it. I got on the scale. Not happy to be over 140, but I'm surprised it's not 142. I do have 1/2 cup of coffee in my belly, so maybe that accounts for the .5 pound!

Today I'll be at the hospital with my family for my grandpa's surgery. He has Alzheimer's and diabetes. They plan to amputate one of his legs from the knee down. My grandpa was one of 13 children and had 9 of his own. I'm the oldest of his 20+ grand and great-grandkids. He grew up on a farm in northern Michigan and had a farm in this area for many years. He was always feeding the "aminals" and had a Life Saver for anyone who wanted one. Needed to hear a joke? He knew every Polish and hair-lip joke ever thought of!

Love, Catherine