Friday, April 30, 2010


Weight: 138-140ish


  • Coffee
  • 2 pieces of toast with butter and cinnamon sugar (my latest guilty pleasure)
  • Leftover pizza
  • 3 tacos

To Do:

  • Package orders
  • Work on photos
  • Put laundry away
  • Fertilize front yard


  • Packaged orders and went to Post Office
  • Put away some laundry
  • Raked and fertilized the front yard
  • Golfed 9

Items sold: 2

Ramblings: Wow, that job really threw off my routine. I'll try to get back to my daily tracking of weight and food. I don't dare step on the scale for fear that I've passed the 140 mark. My shorts from last year are all a bit snug. I'll admit I have a knack for shrinking clothes. But the thought of buying a few new pairs of shorts is appealing.

I made this necklace yesterday. It' a vermeil chain with a gold plated jump ring and a hammered round link. It's simple, sleek and elegant. My niece was visiting so I asked her how much I should sell this for. She said $70. (She's only 10, so does she really know about pricing???) I would normally put this in my shop for $26 with free shipping. But it does look like a $70 necklace. So this got me thinking about pricing.

Am I guilty of undervaluing my work? Do my photos justify a bigger pricetag? So much to think about!

Love, Catherine