Monday, April 26, 2010

Big plans for a new week!

Weight: 138-140ish


  • Coffee
  • GreatGrains cereal
  • Raspberry crystal light

To Do:

  • Package orders
  • Work on photos
  • Get gas for lawn mower
  • Mow lawn (I don't think it needs it yet, but DH seems to think so)
  • Laundry
  • Organize inventory for Yeetown


  • Orders packaged and taken to Post Office.
  • Gassed mower and mowed front yard.
  • A little laundry.
  • Ready for Yeetown!

Items sold: 6

Ramblings: It's nice to wake up to a sale. It's also nice to be on's front page! At 9pm last night I saw the Facebook post that my shop was featured. Sure enough, there was my acorn charm necklace. It wasn't the latest photo of that necklace, but it was there and sold in 1/2 hour.

Today is the first day of no job. Running and promoting my shop is more than a full-time job and on days like yesterday, it pays well. That's the great thing about selling online... I can sell 24/7, while I sleep, golf, go out to eat, play cards, mow the lawn, etc.

Tomorrow I'm going to Williamston to visit Yeetown again and put a few things there on consignment. Not my sterling, but some of the scrabble tile necklaces and rings that I haven't listed online. It's more work than the $6 I sell them for, and they don't sell that well in my shop. They sell at craft shows, but I'm not planning on doing many more shows.

Time to get started!

Love, Catherine