Friday, April 23, 2010

Weight: 138-140ish
Goal: 125

2 fish stick tacos

To Do:
Package orders
Clean off table


Items sold: 0

Ramblings: The temp job is OVER! I'm only happy about it because I feel like I can get back to what I was doing before... projects around the house and yard, cooking, cleaning, and working on my jewelry shop. I've been getting new charms but have barely had a chance to list them. I'm also looking forward to blogging daily once again, tracking my weight and my food intake.

Golf league starts in a couple weeks, but we'll be on the course before then. My husband is my partner this year. Previous years my partner was my aunt Dolores. Our tradition was to try a different beer each week. For a while I was blogging about it. Not sure if we'll keep that tradition going, but I'll blog about the round of golf, maybe get some pictures.