Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weight: 140
Goal: 125

1/2 bagel w/ butter and cream cheese
Nuts and grape tomatoes
Beer Battered fish fillets (the frozen kind)
More BB fish fillets for a late dinner

To Do:
Package orders
Post Office
Adavanced Auto Parts
Work track meet at 3:30

All the above... DONE!

Items sold: 4

Ramblings: Cleaned up the "East Lawn." The side yard where I have a flower garden was full of leaves from last fall. That's cleaned out but much of the leaves are now in the back yard. I should be able to work on that Friday.

They asked me to work more at the part-time job. So I'll be working Monday thru Friday, 9am-1pm. Not sure how it will affect my unemployment, but I've never wanted to live off the government. Although I admit that staying home, running my jewelry shop full-time and collecting a check from the state is appealing! I'll have to start a schedule and stick to it. Mon, Wed, Fri afternoons will be package and ship orders, work on new items. Tues and Thurs will be cleaning house and working on yard days. This should still give me plenty of time for playing this summer! I hope.

Still at the dreaded 140. But look at what I eat. Not enough fruits and vegetables. I plan to walk the golf course as much as I can but will have to come up with another form of exercise in the off-season. Although walking the course will only burn up the calories I take in from the extra beer I drink in the summer!