Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back fat and Bulges

Snow? Really?

Goal: 120

Coffee w/ brown sugar and cream. Yes, today I'm using half and half. Normally I put skim milk in my coffee to cut calories, but it's gone. Brown sugar adds a little something special to coffee. Try it! I never use artificial sweetener or drink diet pop. 2 cups, going to get a third! Procrastinating on my To Do list? Yes, it's Sunday, get off my back!

Tabouli. Made a huge bowl of it yesterday for a get-together that we ended up not going to because DH was not feeling well. So we have a lot of tabouli to eat!

2 pieces hard salami.

Open face tuna sandwich on multi-grain english muffin.

Glass of red wine.

Corned beef and mashed potatoes.

To Do:
Clean basement
Vacuum and clean floors
Find a better blog template

Vacuumed basement and stairs
Main floor vacuumed and spot-mopped
Changed blog template

Items sold: 3

Quote of the Day: From Julie & Julia: I have ADD, that's why I'm bad at housework.

Ramblings: I need to get new bras. 34 around doesn't do it anymore. I'm sick of the back fat bulges. I own two 36B bras. The cups are too big but they make me look like I have boobs. It's hard to find 36A bras, like it's not natural to have small breasts. I think I'm actually a 36 A 1/2. So for now, big boobs and no back fat bulges!

Bought some jeans yesterday. They are Sassoon brand!! I didn't realize they're still around. That's a name from middle school. But they have a higher rise than my Silver jeans, so no waist fat bulges!

Between these jeans and the correct size bra, there are less bulges! As Martha would say "It's a good thing."