Monday, July 18, 2011

An Instagram week of camping

We spent the week in Northern Michigan at Interlochen State Park. Interlochen is also known for it's music camp. If you've seen the movie American Pie, "band camp" is based on Interlochen Music Camp.

Anyway, the campground on Duck Lake. It's big and great for fishing. This is the first time we took our dog with us, so we weren't sure how he'd do, but he was sooo good! Of course, he's 9 years old, so he was mellow and slept most of the time!

As you can see, we tent camp. Our tent is 10x12 which started out being a good size, but now that we have a cot and an air mattress, it seems too small. So we are shopping for larger tents. Cheaper than a camper!

It's always nice to get away for a few days, but there's always a lot to be done when I get home. Laundry. Jewelry orders. Laundry.

I'm ready to pack all the camping gear away until next year, but we are taking off one more time this summer! So the totes and equipment will linger in my dining area a few more days.

Have a great week!

Cathy Jayne


kevin said...

I think the camp ground in Duck Lake is good for a camp dating. Tsk tsk. Hopefully, I can find someone a girl who is an adventurous one and bring it into Duck Lake to have a camping date. This was a very daring one... I'll put a romantic set up of tents for our date. yaekssss