Sunday, May 1, 2011

My Heartsy results

I've had a lot of questions about Why I did it and my results.

It was only a few days after I discovered Heartsy that I signed up to be featured. I watched jewelry sellers sell 100 or more items in a day. What would that be like? How much money would I make? How much would be in my PayPal account? I had lots of questions but was more excited about the opportunity. Opportunity for exposure and to gain new customers.

My Heartsy goals:
*Sell off discontinued inventory
*Gain exposure and new customers
*Build up my PayPal balance

Results of selling $30 vouchers for $12:
*Started at 300, listings. Currently at 220.
*On the day of my feature, there were 2,712 unique visitors and 24,334 total visits to my shop.
(2 days earlier was 245/806)
*I won't know if I gained any new customers for a while.
*Sold 292 vouchers at $12 = $3,504 plus payment for any orders over $30

According to my calculations, approximately 1/2 of the vouchers purchased have been used. I suspect that many more will be used after Mother's Day. Hopefully not all in one day!!

So that's the quick version. If you have any questions, leave me a comment and I'll answer you!



Designed by RJ said...

That's fabulous Cathy, good for you! :) I'm curious to know what Heartsy buyers bought vs. your regular buyers. I've just had my feature and was fascinated that most of my top sellers sold only once or twice, if at all, while other things that rarely move have been going fast!

Catherine Jayne said...

It's funny you mention that! My top Heartsy seller was a necklace that I had only sold 1 or 2 previously. But it was the main picture that Heartsy used and I sold 11 of them!! But my top sellers sold well, too.

Shanna said...

I was just selected to be featured (don't have a date, but was accepted), and I'm kinda nervous! Excited!... Are you the only one making your items? Did you make up some inventory ahead of time? How long did it take you to fill all your orders?
Would you do it again?