Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My #1 priority has been to work on my jewelry shop. I have big goals to reach.

On a daily basis, I'm sending out orders, creating new items, taking photos of those new items and creating the listings. In addition, I re-take photos of existing listings, always trying to improve the photos, descriptions, tags, etc. Then there's promotion. Facebook. Twitter. Blog. Newsletter. Forums.

There' s a lot more to selling online that just creating cool stuff.

Today I'm feeling that I need to work on some household projects. Of course I fit in a little laundry, dishes, sweeping in between work, but that's just the minimum maintenance. One of my goals is to sell enough on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to hire my cleaning lady again.

So now that orders are packaged and ready to go, I wanted to get in this quick blog post before I head out to pick up groceries then start on housework.

Basically, I'm taking the afternoon off work.
This makes me nervous, but I'll keep telling myself to
Keep Calm
Carry On!