Thursday, March 25, 2010

A blog feature!

Weight: 138
Goal: 120

Coffee w/ brown sugar & skim milk.
1/2 multi-grain bagel w/cream cheese.
3 pork tacos.
Chocolate fudge pudding snack.

To Do:
Work 9-1
Take car in at 3:30

Took car in for recall and oil change.

Items sold: 5

Ramblings: My etched tree of life necklace is featured on a blog! Click on the picture to go to the blog. I also had a message from another blogger who may be featuring another necklace!

A few years ago, we were in need of a car. We were looking at diesels because the get better mileage and the fuel is usually cheaper than gas. Of course after we bought our Mercedes Benz, diesel became more expensive, but we got decent mileage. The problem with it is that it's rear-wheel drive, so we store it in the winter.

I've come to love that car. It's big, heavy, smooth, loud! I love the "purr" of a diesel engine. It's also our third car and we should sell it this spring. So last night, Husband decided to get it out of the garage. It started right up! What a relief! We filled it up with fuel and he's driving it to work today.

Anyone want a 1983 MB SD turbo diesel?



chinamommy said...

wanna trade if for a 04 VW new beetle? :) I just told my husband yesterday my next car is a mercedes! I just got a 93 Volvo wagon last summer that I love!
Just checking in....
chinamommy (one of your w. mich gals!)